• Halo 14mm Brass Nipples

    14mm Brass Nipples

    14mm Brass Nipples

  • Halo 15 to 12mm Adaptor Sleeve

    15 to 12mm Adaptor Sleeve

    Converts a 15x100mm T-axle hub to 12x100mm T-axle

  • 6Drive Freehubs and Spares

    Halo 6D cassette bodies, freehubs and spares

  • Halo A-Nuts


    Alloy nuts and washers

  • Halo Aero AL Nipples

    Aero AL Nipples

    square back drive nipples for Aero spokes

  • Aero Racing spokes

    Aero shape – 14/20/14 Gauge spoke

  • Halo Aero Spoke Holder

    Aero Spoke Holder

    Holds aero spokes to prevent twisting

  • Halo Aero Spoke Nipple Tool

    Aero Spoke Nipple Tool

    Spoke nipple tool for Aero rims

  • Halo Aerorage Rim 700c

    Aerorage 700c Rim

    Light weight aero rim

  • Aerorage S2 Duomatic

    Aerorage S2 Duomatic Wheels

    2 speed kick shift 700c track wheel with CNC sidewall

  • Aerorage Wheels 700c

    Aerodynamic 700c track wheelset with CNC sidewall

  • Halo Aerotrack Rims 700c

    Aerotrack 700c Rim

    27mm Aero track rim

  • Aerotrack S2 Duomatic Wheel

    Aerotrack S2 Duomatic Wheels

    2 speed kick shift 700c track wheel on Aerotrack rim

  • Aerotrack Wheels 700c

    19x27mm Aero rim.

  • Halo Alloy Race Nipples in blue

    Alloy Race Nipples

    12mm x 14g alloy spoke nipples

  • Halo Security Skewers

    Anti-Theft Skewer

    Security bicycle skewers

  • Halo Bib Shorts

    Bib Shorts

    race bib shorts with Multiple density pad

  • Halo Bib Tights

    Bib Tights

    padded roubaix cycling bib tights

  • Halo BMX Black Spokes

    Black Spokes

    Plain 14g black spoke with nipples

  • Halo BMX Black Spokes

    BMX Black Spokes

    14 gauge reliable quality straight gauge Black Ed coated spokes

  • Halo BMX Black Spokes

    BMX Double Butted Black Spokes

    Anti-Scratch 14/16g Black spokes

  • Halo Double Butted Spokes

    BMX Stainless Spokes

    Plain Gauge 14g with Nipples

  • Halo Carbaura RD Brake Pads

    Carbaura RD Brake Pads

    Special pads to suit Carbaura Carbon road rims

  • Halo Cassette Spacer

    Cassette Spacer

    0.8mm Cassette spacer