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Crafted to perform

Our Carbaura Road wheel range has been designed to keep you one step ahead of the competition, mile after mile.

optimised for speed

Our Carbaura RCD wheelsets have been built around an optimised, Computational Fluid Dynamics tested, aerodynamic profile in a Carbon Fibre chassis.

Thanks to tens of thousands of real world test miles, numerous lab tests and countless hours of refinement we were able to surpass our primary aims of designing a new wheelset with low weight, linear compliance and lateral stiffness.

Available in both 35 and 50mm depths, the Carbaura RCD wheelsets are our fastest disc brake wheels ever.

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imgage of halo RCD50 carbon road wheel
image of Halo RCD carbon road wheel side view
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Medium of construction

To reduce weight and increase power transfer, there is no better material than Carbon Fibre when it comes to riding on the road.

The Carbon Fibre we use in the Carbaura RCD wheels is Torayca ® T700, due to its incredible stiffness to weight ratio.

The sourcing and manufacturing of Torayca ® T700 has been done so in a way in which we are proud to put our name behind, where environmental impact is minimised.

Turning up the volume

To deliver enhanced comfort and grip, as well as reducing rolling friction, our Carbaura RCD wheels use 19mm internal and 25mm external rim widths.

The wide profile rim is ideally suited to tyres ranging from 25 to 35c. Using 25c tyres will offer optimum aerodynamic performance by reducing unwanted drag, whereas using a wider tyre, such as 32c, will greatly improve small bump compliance, helping you conquer the cobbles.

image of Halo Carbaura rim width
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Brake away from the pack

To improve braking performance drastically, disc brakes have been adopted by the Carbaura RCD wheelset. Disc brakes have taken the place of rim brakes as the most efficient braking system for the road in recent times. To ensure reliable and safe braking under the toughest of conditions the Carbaura RCD wheelset utilise CentreLock disc mounts.

The centre of the Carbaura RC

At the core of our Carbaura RCD wheelsets are our all new instantaneous 120 point pick up RD2 Supadrive and RD2 Front hubs, with sealed bearings, timeless Halo appearance and super wide spaced flanges for increased stiffness and durability.

The RD2 hub range is modular and current. RD2 hubs are available with thru axle compatibility from the box, with the option of aftermarket adaptors. Freehub choice is also broad and includes HG, Campagnolo and XDR freehubs. Carbaura RCD wheels fit almost all applications of modern road bikes.

image of halo rd2 carbuara with superdrive hub
image of Halo Carbaura spoke pattern

Tying it together

Hand crafted with lightweight bladed aero spokes to decrease aerodynamic resistance, and widely spaced hub flanges for strength, the Carbaura RC wheelsets have been built to reduce any possible lateral flex and increase power transfer.

The rear wheel uses a 16/8e lacing pattern to balance spoke tensions and withstand torque forces, whilst the front wheel uses radical lacing to reduce weight and further improve aerodynamics.

16/8e spoking puts the mass of the spokes where they are needed most, in this case, on the rear wheel, drive side. This ensures that with every turn of the cranks, power is utilised efficiently and not lost in spoke flex.

Tested Results

To ensure that the Carbaura RCD wheelsets achieve the drag coefficient they were designed to achieve, we directly compared it against our previous generation Carbarua RD38 and RD50 wheels, as well as our current Devaura, deep section aluminium wheel.

As expected, our Carbaura RCD50 are our most efficient wheelset to date, saving you an impressive 29secs over 40km when compared to the Devaura in drag alone - before taking any weight savings into account. We've optimised our wheels for aerodynamics without compromising handling. The RCD35 is similar in drag to our previous 50mm depth rims, but in fact better at increased yaw angles, meaning better control in crosswinds without losing any advantage in out-and-out speed.

image of aero graph stats CDA
image of Halo Carbaura RC50 CFD

The Carbaura RCD wheelsets underwent extreme lab testing in areas such as; impact tests, wheel rotation accuracy, extreme tyre pressures, prolonged imperfect road surface rolling, static stiffness, spoke hole strength, brake heat dissipation as well as the above drag coefficient tests.

Photo credit: [Nikoo Hamzavi]
Photo credit: [Nikoo Hamzavi]

The complete package

The complete wheelset is supplied pre-tubeless taped in our own padded travel bag.

image of Halo road wheel bag

Like other wheels we’ve tested from Halo, build quality is excellent. Spokes seemed to be evenly tensioned and there really was nothing to criticise about them. As these wheels are hand built, you can be assured they have been put together with care and attention to detail.

I really rate the Halo RD2 hubs. 120 point engagement gives rapid pickup and they have never let me down, whatever I have thrown at them.

Fast, light and reliable wheels for big road miles.

This Carbaura RCD wheelset is Halo's latest edition and it offers a very good all-round package with a strong build, noticeable aero benefits and a decent weight. It's good quality, at a sensible price