• Halo Aero Alloy Nipples

    Aero Alloy Nipples

    Square back drive nipples for aero spokes

  • Halo Aero Racing Spokes 10 Pack

    Aero Racing Spokes 10 Pack

    Black bladed J-bend spokes

  • Halo Straight Pull Spokes

    Aero Straight Pull Spokes 10 Pack

    Black ED Coated Aero Spokes

  • Halo Aerorage Rim 700c

    Aerorage 700c Rim

    Light weight aero rim

  • Halo Aerotrack Rims 700c

    Aerotrack 700c Rim

    27mm Aero track rim

  • Halo Alloy Race Nipples in blue

    Alloy Race Nipples

    12mm x 14g alloy spoke nipples

  • Halo Security Skewers

    Anti-Theft Skewer

    Security bicycle skewers

  • Halo Black Brass Nipples

    Black Brass Nipples

    Black brass spoke nipples

  • Halo Double Butted Black Spokes

    Black Double Butted Spokes 20 Pack

    Anti-Scratch Black DB spokes

  • Halo Black Spokes

    Black Spokes 20 Pack

    Plain 14g black spokes with nipples

  • Halo Chaos 650b Rim

    Chaos 26″ Rim

    Clean welded downhill or enduro rim

  • Halo Chaos 650b Rim

    Chaos 27.5″ Rim

    27.5 version of the popular Halo Chaos rim

  • Halo Clickster Freewheel

    Clickster Freewheel

    Top quality screw-on Freewheel

  • Halo Combat Front Hub

    Combat Front Disc Hub

    36h Black anodised

  • Halo Combat Rear Disc Hub

    Combat Rear Disc Hub

    Black anodised Combat looseball hubs

  • Halo Contra 24" DH Tyre

    Contra 24″ DH Tyre

    Heavy Studded 24×3.0″ tyre

  • Devaura 700c Rim

    Deep-section aero alloy rim

  • Halo Devaura Disc Rim 700c

    Devaura Disc 700c Rim

    Lightweight 24mm x 31mm aero rim

  • DJ Wideboy Front Hub

    Strong, Light Dirt Jump hub

  • Halo DJD SS Rear Hub

    DJD Rear SS Hub

    Bushed driver freehub

  • Halo DJD Supadrive and Bushdriver Sprockets

    DJD Supadrive and Bushdriver Sprockets

    Screw on sprockets for Halo DJD hubs with Mini Drive

  • Evaura 700c Rim

    Lightweight 24mm x 22mm alloy rim

  • EX3 20×1 3/8″ Rim

    Box Section Alloy bmx rim

  • EX3 20×1.5 Rim

    Box Section Alloy. 20 x 1.5 inch. 28, 32 or 36H.