• Halo Retro Skewers

    Retro Skewers

    Classic style Quick Release Skewers

    £19.99 inc. VAT
  • Black Double Butted Spokes 20 Pack

    Anti-Scratch Black DB spokes

    £19.96 inc. VAT
  • Stainless Double Butted Spokes 20 Pack

    Forged Stainless Steel DB spokes

    £19.96 inc. VAT
  • Halo Nanuk Tyre

    Nanuk Tyres

    Lightweight, large footprint Fat bike tyres

    Sale! £49.99 £18.00 inc. VAT
  • Halo Fixed Sprocket

    Fixed Sprockets

    CNC machined track Sprockets

    £16.99£17.99 inc. VAT
  • Halo Porkies XL Skewers

    Porkies XL Skewers

    QR skewers designed to fit modern frames and forks with FAT dropouts.

    £16.99 inc. VAT
  • Halo DJD Supadrive and Bushdriver Sprockets

    DJD Supadrive and Bushdriver Sprockets

    Screw on sprockets for Halo DJD hubs with Mini Drive

    £16.99 inc. VAT
  • Halo Fat Foot Sprocket

    Fat Foot Sprocket

    HG Spline CNC Cr-Mo sprocket 1/8″ teeth

    £14.99£16.99 inc. VAT
  • White Spokes 20 Pack

    Plain 14g with nipples

    £16.96 inc. VAT
  • Halo Mercury 700c Road Rim

    Mercury 700c Road Rim

    Wind cheating 30mm deep section aero rim

    Sale! £49.99 £15.00 inc. VAT
  • XL Spoke Nipples

    14g x 5/8″ (16mm) spoke nipples

    £14.99 inc. VAT
  • Halo Tubeless Rim Tape

    Tubeless Rim Tape

    Self adhesive, high pressure tubeless rim tapes

    £8.99£14.99 inc. VAT