Frame Spacing/Hub O.L.D. information

Hubs need to match the frame or fork they are used in.

The spacing of a frame/fork is measured from the inside surfaces of the dropouts, where they come into contact with the locknuts of the wheel’s axle.

frame spacing

The hub spacing is measured from the outside face of the lock nuts (or equivalent), this is commonly called the “O.L.D.” (Over-Lock-nut Dimension)

over locknut dimensions

Common Sizes

  • 100mm – Modern front hubs, including quick release and some thru axle types.
  • 110mm – Some thru axle front hubs including 20mm and boost standards
  • 110mm rear – B.M.X
  • 120mm rear – Modern Track hubs
  • 126mm rear – Older 5 and 6 speed road bikes
  • 130mm rear – non-disc road bikes
  • 135mm rear – QR MTB, Most QR disc road bikes
  • 135mm front – Fat Bike
  • 141mm rear – QR Boost
  • 142mm rear – thru axle rear hubs
  • 148mm – boost standard thru axle rear hubs
  • 150mm front – Fat Bike
  • 150mm rear – DH Bikes
  • 157mm rear – Super Boost standard thru axle rear hubs
  • 170/177/190 and 197mm rear – Fat bike rear hub sizes