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When is Halo releasing Micro Spline hubs?

Have Shimano’s latest group set offerings made you think about changing your freehub?

On the advent of Shimano Micro Spline being open to 3rd party brands as of January 2020, we are proudly one of the few brands to be able to offer a solution from the get go.

We have been collaborating with sister company Identiti to offer hubs which utilise Micro Spline. These limited edition branded hubs and wheels are now available. Following Micro Spline hub and wheel offerings are in production and we expect to see a full range solely under the Halo name in spring. For freehubs that will retrofit existing models we expect to have for summer, 2020.

If you have any more questions regarding Micro Spline Halo hubs please feel free to contact us.

To see what we currently offer please click here

Halo Micro Spline Freehub body

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Which freehub type do I need for my cassette?

In the world of ever growing cassette options, the amount of freehubs on offer has needed to grow.

For geared hubs we currently offer Shimano type HG (Road or MTB types), SRAM type XD and XDR and Campagnolo ED type freehubs.

We have created the below diagrams to show the differences between the most commonly used types (Shimano HG and SRAM XD/XDR).

If you need any help understanding this confusing subject to help purchase a product, please feel free contact us.

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