SD6, MT6D, FAT 6D and RL2 Rear Hub Spares

Axles and end caps for MT and FAT 6Drive rear hubs

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End caps and axles for our Halo MT 6Drive (formally called Spin Doctor 6D), FAT 6Drive and RL2 (Ridgeline II) rear hubs.

Thread-on End Caps (Cones) Axle Sold Separately

QR type 5/10mm frames use: HUHAM6RAQ
SD6/MT6D/RL2/Fat Axle QR Axle Ends Rear – QR5/10mm x 135/141/170/190mm.

12mm Regular Thru-axle frames (with 3.5mm location recess per side) use: HUHAM6RA4
SD6/MT6D/RL2/Fat Axle Ends Rear – 12×142/148/177/197mm. Regular Thru-axle type.

12mm Non Recessed (plain) Thru-axle frames use: HUHAM6RA3
SD6/MT6D/RL2/Fat Axle Ends, Rear – 12×135/141/170/190mm Thru-axle – no recess type.

Cro-Mo tube Axles (no end cones included) Thread-on End Caps (cones) Sold Separately

Regular MTB hubs and frames with spacing 135QR or 142mm Thru-axle use: HUHAM6RAC
SD6/MT6D/RL2 Rear Axle, Cr-Mo tube for 135/142 MTB hubs.

Boost hubs and frames with spacing 141QR or 148mm Thru-axle use: HUHAM6RACB
SD6/MT6D/RL2 Rear Axle, Cr-Mo tube for 141/148 Boost hubs.