MT Supadrive Rear Axle ends

Replacement axle ends

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HUHAZSVA2H – 12mm thru Shimano HG Cassette. 142, 148 and 157mm O.L.D.

HUHAZSVA2X –  12mm thru SRAM XD Cassette. 142, 148 and 157mm O.L.D.

HUHAZSVADH – 12mm thru Shimano HG Cassette. 135 and 150mm O.L.D.

HUHAZSVADX –  12mm thru SRAM XD Cassette. 135 and 150mm O.L.D.

HUHAZSVAQH – QR, Shimano HG Cassette. 135 or 141mm O.L.D.

HUHAZSVAQX – QR, SRAM XD Cassette. 135 or 141mm O.L.D.

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