Devaura 6D 700c Dyno Wheel

Rim Brake Road Dynamo Wheel

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Wider, deeper, faster. Our Devaura Race 6D wheels are ready whatever the conditions, to offer you the aerodynamic advantage.

Featuring a 30mm deep aero section rim with a 19mm internal, 24mm external, width profile allows you to run your choice of traditional or tubeless tyres and are ideally suited to run 25C and 28C tyres.

Devaura 6D 700c Dyno Wheel utilises a SP Dynamo SV-9 6V 3W* ultra compact dynamo hub.

Supplied pre-taped the Devaura 6D is tubeless ready from the box.

*Note: SV9 hubs are now labelled as 6V 1.5w. This is to comply with the strict German StVZO regulations.

When used with 26” or 700c wheels the output can drop very slightly below 6V3 W at low speeds, but is 6V 3W at normal riding speeds