Evaura RD2 700c Dyno Wheel

Center Lock road dynamo wheel

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Wide, low profile and light, our Evaura Uni wheels are low profile and vertically compliant, giving improved comfort on endurance events and are low inertia to aid climbing. Evaura Uni wheels are also future proof, and can be run as disc or rim brake.

The wider stance of the 19mm internal, 24mm external, rim width profile allows you to run your choice of traditional or tubeless tyres and are well suited to modern tyres ranging from 25C through to 35C widths to deliver enhanced comfort and grip.
Evaura RD2 700c Dyno Wheel utilises a SP Dynamo PL-7 6V 3W 12mm thru axle dynamo hub.

Supplied pre-taped the Evaura RD2 is tubeless ready from the box.