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What makes the Supadrive system so special?

The Supadrive system is our most reliable and fastest engaging drive system to date, which has won numerous World Championships in various disciplines.

The Supadrive uses a wedge pawl mechanism, featuring 3 pawls with 12 micro teeth on each pawl. The harder the system is engaged, the harder the pawls bite into the drive ring ensuring a strong engagement, especially under high torque loads (such as those dished out by wide range cassettes).

As the pawls of the Supadrive system utilise 12 micro teeth per pawl the surface area is hugely increased compared to a conventional single tip pawl. The Supadrive offers 120 points (3 degree) of engagement, making pick up between pedal strokes almost instantaneous.

All of this pared with low maintenance, an incredibly long lifespan and that classic Halo sound, the Supadrive is a drive system to rely on.