A weekend at the Malverns Classic festival

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The Malverns Classic sits in Legendary status for UK mountain bike events, and the 2023 edition did not disappoint. Our team headed there to exhibit and support some of our class athletes riding on Halo Wheels.

We set off from Ely destined for The Malvern Hills. After a 3 hour long journey which featured some delightful average speed check, a quick stop at Morrisons and a cheeky Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese meal from McDonalds, the team arrived to set up pitch for the weekend.

The team knew what they were doing; Halo have attended the Malverns a number of times before, regularly alongside it’s sister brands, Gusset Components and Identiti Bikes and this year was no different. All 3 were set up alongside each other with Renthal and Squire Bike Locks also joining the party.

With a number of the Halo Wheels Team Riders in attendance, it looked as though there would be some exciting action throughout the weekend. Matt Jones, Ben Deakin, Finley Davies, Cam Crozier, Matt Hillyard plus more were all taking part in a number of the events.

There was a huge variety of events taking place over the weekend, including Downhill, Enduro, 4X, Slalom, Dirt Wars and more. Halo had riders taking part in almost every single category which was fantastic to see.

Matt Hillyard collected 1st place in the Slalom on the Friday! He also went on to win his class in the 4X later on in the weekend riding on a set of Vapour 35 wheels. Proudly receiving two National Champion Jerseys in the process! Check out his Youtube video here – MALVERNS CLASSIC 2023 – Dual Slalom National Championships – YouTube

Ben Deakin and Matt Jones were also taking part in the 4X racing with Deak’s taking 3rd place in his class and Matt finishing 5th overall in his class. Both riding our Gravitas Wheels.

In Dirt Wars, Jordan Clark (riding a pair of Halo Chaos Wheels) ended up taking the top spot as the final was called off due to some high winds. Finley Davies put in some amazing runs in the qualifiers with a couple of small tumbles when trying a huge double whip on the last jump. Cam Crozier also put in a crazy shift with some seriously impressive tricks. Due to the high winds, results were taken from the semi-final scores.

Ben Deakin was the only Halo Rider to enter the Enduro over the weekend and walked away with 4th place in his category.

Some fun was also had by all on the lake crossing. Matt Jones had a couple of spills into the muddy water providing some great entertainment for all the on-lookers.

On Saturday we were fortunate enough to have Matt Jones over at the stand for a meet and greet/signing session. It’s always great to have our team riders on the stands at shows, signing posters, meeting fans and taking pictures with them.

Overall, a fantastic weekend was had by all and we can’t express enough how much we appreciate all the support from the Halo Wheels fans. We look forward to seeing you at the next one!

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