About Us

The history of Halo wheels, from our humble beginnings to working with some of the best riders in the world. #RiddenEverywhere

One Epic Ride

Halo vortex instantaneous 120 point pick up MT Supadrive

Halo started way back in 2000, and we’ve been on an epic ride ever since.

Our humble beginning was out of pure frustration, as our progressive riding was limited by the components on offer.

We vouched that we would create products that no longer hindered riders, but pushed them. At Halo, we come to work everyday with this mission in mind.

Our Products

For Whoever, For Whatever

We cater for all riders at Halo, no prejudice. We just want you to enjoy your ride wherever you are in the world, on whatever bike you’re riding.

Innovative Technology

We like solving problems, and our range of products reflects this; if there’s something about your ride that just isn’t right or just won’t fit, chances are we have a solution.

Performance Proven

We have developed wheels that have won world championship events and are used by some of the World’s top athletes, by choice.

The Mottos

Ridden Everywhere

When we look at our range of products, we're proud that they span all those genres of cycling and that we've had successes along the way.

So sure, some of our products are ridden by top athletes, but there's also always an option for people just starting out.

We want to break down barriers to cycling. All too often now cycling components are prohibitively expensive. We want you to be able to run something from Halo from your first day trying the sport right through to taking that top step on the podium.

We didn't invent the wheel, we just made it better...

Our original motto still rings true.

We don't try to claim to be something we're not.

We like exploring what would make a wheel great for the customer. That's the crux of the problem we're trying the solve, if you want to call it a problem.

We're riders and enthusiasts trying to make things better.

Supporting Cycling

Supporting Dealers

Over the years since our inception, we've built a strong relationship with your local bike shop because we still believe that the best buying experience will be through a dealer. They're able to offer expert advice face-to-face and they will make sure you walk away with the right component for your bike.

Check out the Dealers Section for more information.

Supporting Athletes

Athletes push the envelope. We help them get there.

We support athletes for two main reasons:
We want to know that our products continue to be good enough.
And athletes act as an inspiration. They motivate us to ride harder, faster, higher, better.

We like supporting athletes over the long term.

Supporting Events

Cycling is better with friends. Competition is healthy. And feeling like you're part of a community is important. That's why we love supporting events, right from local grass-roots events through to national festivals.

It's our small way of paying it forward.

Supporting Customers

Things don't always go to plan, we get that. That's why we have a dedicated customer service team on hand, a straight-forward warranty policy and crash replacement policy, and we make returns easy.

For more information, check out our Support Pages.