Cameron Jeffers – Ride like the wind

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Headwinds.  We’re not a fan. Halo Team Rider Cameron Jeffers  has also had enough of them and recently decided to set out and ride with a tailwind for 7 days in a row! Why hasn’t anyone thought of this before? 

Riding his Ribble Endurance SL with a set of our Halo Devaura wheels, he and fellow rider on the trip, Alina (@clippedinandfree) began their bikepacking cycling adventure in northern Spain. Despite the tailwind not being as strong as they hoped, they spent the first day heading 100km north-west into the Pyrenees Mountains. Starting off easy and ending with a few gentle climbs. 

Day 2 brought with it a North-Easterly wind, sending Cameron and Alina towards Andorra. Starting the day with a 24km long climb straight out of the door was shock to the system, but some fast descents back down to the next town made up for it. After 112km and a hop across the border, their stop for the night was in the centre of Andorra.

The third day of the ride started off cooler, with some threatening, darker clouds hanging over the mountains. With the wind heading north, they plotted a route taking them out of Andorra and across the border into France. After 123km, a few climbs and a short little (accidental) gravel section, they reached their stop for the night in Ballesta.  

Day 4 started out with the sun shining, a gentle breeze and a croissant. With the wind sending the pair west, they had an easy start to the day before stopping 30km in for a coffee break in Foix. A couple of gravel sections followed by some short climbs, fantastic scenery and a stop off at a locals house to refill their bottles rounded off the 140km day. 

Having already covered around 480km over the last 4 days, energy levels were low at the beginning of day 5. After a night in a small chateau, the wind took them North heading towards Toulouse. Having left the Pyrenees behind, much of the day was spent on flat ground riding on cycle paths through the French countryside. The weather held off for most of the day but they were caught in some heavy showers towards the end. After 145km, they stopped for the night. 

Day 6 was the last day of cycling. Cameron and Alina set off west towards their final destination. With an amber weather warning for wind, they were determined to make the most of it. After a quick stop off at a not so picturesque lake, they continued on to Toulouse to complete the adventure. 


All photos courtesy of Alina Jäger

Check out the full video on Cameron Jeffers YouTube channel

Cameron chose Devaura wheels due to the reliability of alloy rims, and the aerodynamic advantage these offer over other alloy wheels in our range and the easy serviceability that these wheels offer with j-bend spokes. You can check out the wheels Cameron was using here –