How do I assemble the Halo Centerlock Adaptor?

Halo Centerlock Adaptor

  1. With your wheel removed from your bike, place the splined carrier component onto the splines of a Centerlock hub with the 6 studs facing outwards.
  2. Place your 6-bolt disc rotor onto the studs of the carrier, ensuring the writing on the rotor is facing outwards.
  3. Place the spacer over the rotor and onto the studs.
  4. Screw the lockring into the threads of the Centerlock hub and tighten to a torque of 40Nm (350in.lbs).
  5. Ensure there is no lateral movement of the disc rotor once the lockring has been tightened to the correct torque.
  6. Replace your wheel in your frame/fork and confirm that the disc brake rotor and calliper are still in optimal set-up.

If you are unsure of any of the procedures, take your bike to a qualified mechanic.

Halo Centrelock Adaptor Assembly Thumbnail