Halo Wheels BMX Team Race Report – Manchester

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British Cycling National Series Rd 7&8 – Manchester – 09-10.09.2023

The squad headed off to the final stop of the British Cycling BMX Series tour at the National Indoor BMX Centre in Manchester and wrapped up the season in fine style, taking a podium finish in the National Team points league standings and a trip to the Elite League in 2024!!

The indoor track is a formidable opponent for the racers and is the “9th man” in many races as it bites those who make a mistake and punishes those who don’t respect it.

Annalise “KIMMANN” Cadman-Carpenter smashed out her first pair of national cruiser wins across the weekend and took the silver spot overall in the process. ACC was back out on the 20” in block 2 of racing and battled mid pack with the contenders to a 4th and 5th. On her way to 5th overall for the year. A super solid finish for the quiet one who has had her best season to date and is a real asset to the team.

Not to be outdone, big brother Freddie also claimed 2nd in the overall points in the 17-18 class. FCC gave a superb display on how to ride the indoor and secured a 2nd and 4th over the two days to take 2nd overall, tied on points with the winner, but awarded 2nd on countback…so close!! In the 17-29 cruiser class it all went a bit wonky after being blasted by a crazy fool who couldn’t turn in the last turn of the semis on day one while in a qualifying position. FCC held onto 4th in the overall and can reflect on a fantastic year’s racing.

The mini missiles were firing on all cylinders after an appearance on the Ch5 TV show “Meet the Experts” on Saturday morning. Team mascot Holly Bishop wrapped up the season with a class win after hitting the gate on day one and rolling home livid in 6th. Looking forward to claiming the points in 2024. “Big” sister Poppy was flying through the qualifiers and boosting the first jump like a boss. Into the mains, Pops got a little shut down off the gate and couldn’t hit the jump so had to dig in around the track for a pair of mid pack finishes and 3rd overall. All while riding up against the older girls and giving away over a foot in height. This one is a class act and has the skills to pay the bills!!

Luke loves the indoor. Absolutely everything suits his style of riding….jumps!! The little dude was flowing all weekend and showed his technical prowess is a massive key against the power riders. He got bulked in the pack on day one and settled for 6th, but on day two he found space and floored it throughout the main to take 3rd on the day and 4th overall. The 13s is one of the classes to watch and we’re looking forward to seeing what he’s really capable of when he hits that growth spurt.

No easy classes for the squad at the nationals and Izzard has battled every lap of his first year in the 19-29 class. Solid laps saw him into B finals, after narrowly missing out on the mains and he wraps up the year in 14th overall. Wallis decided for a week of sunshine instead and can claim 7th overall after doing enough in the early rounds.

I got stuck into the Vets and 45-49 cruiser classes and made my way to my first full sweep of mains over the weekend. I’ve become a cruiser specialist as the big wheels suit my style as I scorched to a pair of 5ths and a 6th overall. Vets was sharp, but my gates saved the day. I was outgunned down the first straight by the dragsters, but put myself just far enough ahead to make the mains to my best finish of the year in 6th on day one, backing it u with a 7th on day two and 8th overall in my last year of BMX in my forties……grand vets next year…..hopefully I do some growing over the winter!!


Thanks Jools and the whole Halo BMX team for an amazing season and a recent promotion up to Elites means an exciting 2024 ahead!

UPDATE – National team league win for the HALO BMX team and a confirmed move up into the elites in 2024! We can’t wait to see how they get on.