Built around the traverses of the Enduro World Series our Vortex wheels redefine what Enduro wheels are. They are the Answer to Enduro.

Key Features

E-bike ready

These wheels are tough enough to withstand descents on the Enduro World Series, and they’re equally capable with e-bikes. Just ask our Halo Family. The Supadrive Hubs ensure that the pawls don’t fail under high torque.

Lightweight Design

Enduro isn’t just riding downhill. We used 6061 T-10 heat treated Aluminium alloy on the rim to give a lightweight construction for the times when getting up the hill is important.

Durable Construction

Developed with a 33mm internal measurement, asymmetric rim design and tri-spoke lacing pattern on the rear, the Vortex is designed to take the abuse of the Enduro world cup circuit.

Zero Compromise

Using an asymmetric design we have equalised spoke tensions and built a package that leaves descents in its wake, whilst cutting down weight where it isn’t needed for energy sapping climbs.

To compensate for the differences in wall length and strength of an asymmetric design, the wall thicknesses have been proportioned to balance out impact forces equally. The Vortex offers offset wheel benefits, without compromise.

Medium of Construction


Using specially sourced 6061 T-10 heat treated Aluminium alloy, the Vortex is built from a material that has high tolerance for impact forces, offers light weights and is more sustainable than Carbon Fibre counterparts.

Turning Up The Volume

With a generous 33mm internal width, Vortex wheels increase tyre volume and maximise the available grip on offer with tubeless compatibility. Lower pressure, more grip.

The Centre of The Vortex

At the core of our Vortex wheels are our new and improved instantaneous 120 point pick up MT Supadrive and MT Front hubs, with sealed bearings, timeless Halo appearance and super wide spaced flanges for increased stiffness and durability.

The MT hub range is modular and current. Available in Boost and traditional fitments with HG or XD freehubs, Vortex wheels fit almost all applications of modern Enduro bikes. Boost Adaptor kits and Torque Cap Adaptors are available separately to offer updatable fitment and tunability.

Drive System To Rely On

With our latest version of the MT Supadrive hub we have increased stiffness and reduced flex with a heat treated, hollow Cro-Mo Steel axle for maximum power transfer.

Utilising a wedge pawl mechanism the Supadrive system withstands incredible torque loads. Featuring 12 micro teeth per pawl, drive is transferred efficiently through a dramatically increased surface area.

Make It Yours

Out of the box the Vortex comes in our unmistakable Stealth, double anodised finish. With six coloured sticker packs available separately, the Vortex is customisable to suit your style

Vortex Decal Kits

Who's riding them?

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"A tough, wide and heavy duty wheelset for riders looking for something that will last at a reasonable price"

Mountain Biking UK

"It’s the way we’ve been hitting everything we can at full throttle, day in, day out since we got them, without a single issue, even running teen tyre pressures, that makes these great hardcore wheels...

The price is good too, considering how long they’re likely to last"


"What do I want from a wheelset? Mainly I want them to stay true, deal with frequent tyre changes without being a pain, hold air, not dent easily and not get rumbly bearings too soon. These Vortex have done that...

At four hundred quid they are also a total bargain."


"Halo’s Vortex Wheelset is big, wide, tough and noisy

Under power the 120 point hub engagement basically feels instantaneous, giving you the ability to do single cranks or partial cranks through tricky sections.

I’m going to continue running them on my test bikes for the foreseeable future."