Centerlock Adaptor

6 Bolt Rotor to Centerlock hub adaptor

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If your hubs feature the Shimano Centerlock splined interface rotor mounting system and you want to be able to use traditional 6 bolt type rotors, this simple to use adaptor kit allows you to do so.


Lightweight alloy body with splined interface and 6 fitted stainless pins with a stainless washer and an alloy lockring allows the quick removal of the rotor simply by releasing the low-profile alloy lockring with a standard HG type cassette lockring tool.


  • Material: 6061 alloy body and CNC lockring, with stainless pins and washer.
  • Hub Fitting: Shimano Centerlock splined.
  • Max hub axle: 19mm outer axle diameter.
  • Tool required: HG type cassette lockring tool.
  • Max Torque: 40Nm.
  • Rotor Fitting: IS (International Standard) 6 bolt type
  • Rotor required: Stainless IS 1.8mm minimum to 2.3mm maximum.
  • Max rotor size: 180mm Diameter.

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