Butch Axle Washers

Heavy Duty serrated 10mm axle washers

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If a wheel slippage problem is something that you need to kill-off, then Halo’s all new Butch-washers with their sharp cut teeth, force multiplying design and butch, non-bending, heat treated, 4mm thick steel bodies are the ‘no messin’ about’ answer for you..

Halo Butch Design Functions:

  • Force multiplier design increases the force applied by 30%.
  • (3mm grip face Vs 4.5mm nut face.)
  • Smooth Nut face reduces tightening torque friction.
  • Sharp cut teeth ‘bite’ into any surface to provide maximum grip.


  • 4mm thick hardened Cr-Mo steel body (resists bending.)
  • 10.2mm clearance hole (fits 3/8″ and 10mm axles)
  • 20mm outer diameter grip-face (fits into most dropouts.)
  • Black Oxide finish (suits most applications)