Spin Doctor Pro 12mm Axle Converter

Spin Doctor Pro Rear hub 12mm T-axle conversion

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Spin Doctor Pro Rear hub 12mm T-axle conversion:

12mm T-axle to be used with our Spin Doctor Pro hub.
This means that all of our Spin Doctor Pro hubs and wheels that use Spin Doctor Pro hubs can easily and cheaply be modified to fit yet another configuration of frame. (and if you change your frame, you can easily run the QR or 10mm axle option again).

To use this kit, the existing QR or M10 axle and the R/H bearing have to be removed. The central bearing spacer sleeve is inserted into the hub shell, and the R/H bearing replaced. The hub can then be re-assembled using the “service axle” evenly inserted into the hub. With the service axle installed, the hub can now be easily inserted into a T-axle frame.

The T-axle from the frame can be used to “push-out and replace” the “service axle” for final fastening. The service axle will need to be retained for keeping the hub in an assembled state when removing the wheel from the frame. Use the “service axle” to push-out the T-axle.

Includes:  “service axle”, bearing spacer and 2 push-on CNC alloy end caps. 12mm T-axle not included (this should be part of the frame).