Why go Tubeless?

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Cycling enthusiasts are constantly seeking ways to enhance their riding experience, and one innovation that has gained significant traction in recent years is tubeless tyres. Inner tubes have been the staple for years, but the emergence and acceptance of tubeless technology a few years ago has revolutionized cycling. In this article, we summarise the advantages of tubeless set-ups and why they are being used by riders in all disciplines.

Enhanced Performance and Ride Quality

Tubeless offer a host of performance benefits that can transform your cycling experience. By removing the inner tube, these tires allow you to run lower tire pressures without sacrificing performance. This lower pressure translates into improved traction, enhanced grip on the road or trail, and superior cornering capabilities. The result is a smoother and more controlled ride, especially on uneven or challenging terrain, without the resistance experienced when running low pressures with inner-tubes.

Lower Rolling Resistance

Rolling resistance is a key factor in performance, particularly for road cyclists and racers. As mentioned above, tubeless set-ups can provide a smoother and faster ride due to their ability to operate at lower pressures. The absence of an inner tube also eliminates friction between the tube and tire which is often exasperated at lower pressures. Lower friction ultimately results in reduced rolling resistance and increased efficiency.

Improved Comfort and Grip

Tubeless offers superior comfort and grip compared to tube-type counterparts. With the ability to run on lower pressures, these tyres absorb more vibrations and bumps, providing a more comfortable ride, especially on rough or gravel surfaces. The increased grip allows you to maintain better control over your bike, especially in challenging environments or in wet conditions. This combination of comfort and grip translates into enhanced confidence and stability while riding, which is particularly important for mountain bikers.

Puncture Protection

One of the most significant advantages of tubeless is the enhanced puncture resistance. Tubeless tires use liquid sealant inside the tyre that seal small holes as they occur, which might have caused a puncture in an inner tube. The sealant prevents air loss and allows you to continue riding uninterrupted. This feature not only saves you time and hassle but also reduces the risk of accidents caused by sudden deflation.

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