Hub Spares

  • Halo 15 to 12mm Adaptor Sleeve

    15 to 12mm Adaptor Sleeve

    Converts a 15x100mm T-axle hub to 12x100mm T-axle

  • 6Drive Freehubs and Spares

    Halo 6D cassette bodies, freehubs and spares

  • Halo A-Nuts


    Alloy nuts and washers

  • Halo Disc Rotor Bolts

    Disc Rotor Bolts

    Stainless Steel T25 head bolts

  • Halo DJD BD SupaDrive Axles

    DJD Hub Replacement Axles

    For Halo DJD BD and Halo DJD SupaDrive hubs

  • Halo DJD Supadrive Driver

    DJD Supadrive Driver

    Fits Halo DJD Supadrive Hub ONLY

  • Fix-T Cover

    CNC Alloy Thread Cover for fixed hubs

  • Halo Fixed Sprocket Lockring

    Fixed Sprocket Lockring – cr-mo

    Cro-mo. CNC machined lockring

  • Halo Fixed Sprocket Lockrings

    Fixed Sprocket Lockrings

    Precision CNC machined Lockrings

  • Halo HG Cassette Lockring

    HG Cassette Lockring

    Alloy Cassette Lockring

  • Halo HG Spacer Kit

    HG Spacer Kit

    ideal for fixed or singlespeed use.

  • MT 6Drive Axle Spares

    Axle spares for Halo MT 6Drive Hubs

  • Halo MT Front Boost Disc Adaptor kit

    MT Front Boost Disc Adaptor

    Halo MT Front Boost Disc Adaptor kit

  • Halo MT Front Torque Cap Adaptors

    MT Front Torque Cap Adaptors

    Designed to work with torque cap specific forks to increase stiffness

  • MT Supadrive Axle Kits

    Halo MT Supadrive MTB hub axle kits

  • Halo Supa-Drive Rear Boost Disc Adaptor

    MT Supadrive Boost Disc Adaptor

    142-148mm Rear Disc Adaptor kit

  • Halo MT Supadrive Cassette Body

    MT Supadrive Cassette Body

    Replacement Freehub body for Halo MT Supadrive Hub

  • Axle spares for the Halo Supa Drive DH 150 hub

    MT Supadrive DH Hub Spares

    Axle spares

  • Halo MXRC Cassette Lockring

    MXR Cassette Lockring

    Short thread lockring for MXR Supadrive Cassette hub.

  • RD 6Drive Hub Adapters

    130 or 135mm adapters for Halo RD 6Drive Rear Disc Hubs

  • Halo Spin Doctor Cones

    Spin Doctor Front Cones and Axles

    Replacement axles and cones for Halo Spin Doctor Front hub

  • Halo Supadrive Spare Parts

    Supadrive Hub Spare Parts

    Spare parts for Halo Supadrive system hubs

  • Switch Pawl and Spring Kit

    Replacement Pawls and springs for Switch BMX hub

  • Halo 6D Road Disc Axles

    T-axle Conversion Kit for RD Front Hub

    Replacement axles for the RD Front road hub